Why Trees?

To slow the impact of the global climate crisis, trees can change everything.

Without forests of trees, we as a species could not survive.

Trees are the lungs of our planet. They are removing the ever-growing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. In return they give us the life giving oxygen. Unfortunately, our forests are currently in terrible condition. At the current rate of deforestation, experts warn that the world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a 100 years.

Huge areas at the poles are melting and the climate isn’t as we are used to. Thunderstorms, drought, floods and rainstorm is the new normal. We know one thing for sure: We havn’t seen it all. The climate changes will change much of the world we know today. We have to take responsibility for our future to day.

One tree can change every thing.


Live giving

Trees are removing carbon dioxide, giving shadow, protecting water ressources and providing a habitat for wide diversity of wildlife.

Economic resources

By planting a tree the new forest provides jobs, income and stability for the local workers. Stability gives children in the households a chance to visit schools and open the path for a better future.

Cooling earth

Trees are effectively removing carbon dioxide and prevent greenhouse gases to increase into the atmosphere. Trees are giving shadow and hinder erosion and emerging droughts.

It's all about growth

Trees not only grow in hight, they grow in numbers. They will multiply and start a new cycle of life, and we need this exponential effect to succeed and withstand the challenges of tomorrow.

Forests the size of Panama are lost each and every year.

We will try to reverse the speed of deforestation by reforest on a large scale. Despite decreased deforestation rates in some regions, forest ecosystems are under great threat. According to WRI research, 30 percent of global forest cover has been cleared, while another 20 percent has been degraded and parts of the rest has been fragmented, leaving only about 15 percent intact.

If we could plant a forest the size of Panama today, we could plant a forest the size of Texas in 20 years. And this would sequester over 50 billion ton CO2 over the following 20 years. That’s nearly half of the U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions if we have a status quo from the level of 2014.

We will try to reverse the speed of deforestation by reforest on a large scale.

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