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Create a better future by planting trees

We’re on a mission to help rural communities, combat climate change, and generate prosperity. By planting trees – lots of trees, we’re investing in our planet’s natural capital providing “Triple Returns”.

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Our solution


Nature has a simple but profound answer to many of the world’s problems. Ligaia copies natures system and brings “triple returns” to People, Planet and Prosperity. We call it “Natural Capital”.


Start donating from just $68 USD


Decide how much you want to invest in the future of our planet.
Your donation will go to plant trees in the rainforests and charity. Log in at any time to access your personal donation certificate and check how well your donation is performing.




First return: PEOPLE


Fighting poverty with education and jobs. Developing strong roots for growth
Part of the donation will provide access to basic reading, writing and math skills for children in impoverished communities around the world. The donation will also create jobs in local communities to nurture and care for the planted trees.




Second return: PLANET


Safe-guarding the future of the rainforest ecosystem
Ligaia’s tree planting projects help to fight climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time, the trees will protect groundwater resources, stop soil erosion and prevent the spread of deserts caused by indiscriminate logging.



Third return: PROSPERITY


Sow the seeds today to secure for future prosperity
Your donation will return profits about 3 times over the course of 20 years. 60 % of the profit will always be used to plant more trees,  32 % will be distributed to new projects voted by the donation community. That could be you. And the remaining 8 % is to cover overhead and running the program.



We believe in “Do well by doing good”. Do you?

Donate $68 today for a sustainable future and help people now

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What do we mean by ‘Natural Capital’?

Our tree-planting projects have photosynthesis at the very core of their ‘growth models’. By taking a long term view of investing in our planet’s natural resource in a sustainable way, we’re able to create economic value for both local communities as well as yourself.

It is ‘Natural’ because ultimately trees are what nature provides to us. And ‘Capital’, because there are real, measurable returns to what we do.

Our goals for the first tree years
are 50.000 single donations which will fund



Schools build by
Pencils of Promise


$ for UNICEF inspired
gift Clean water


$ for UNICEF inspired
gift First five years


Ton CO2


The cool thing is – after 20 years we will reap the profits of our 50.000 trees to plant 500.000 new trees and roughly $10 million earmarked to projects voted by the donation community.


We are helping these projects

Education program

Together with Pencils of Promise we bring life-changing education to children around the world by building quality schools and sustainable education programs.


A donation to Ligaia will support UNICEF to help the world’s most vulnerable children with the nutrition, water, and medical supplies they desperately need.


Your donations can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school with support of UNICEF.


Your donations goes to


Because investing in Nature always pays the best returns over time. It always has.

So how do we create impact for People, Planet, and Prosperity – all at the same time? Ligaia works through a number of high quality partner organisations, who share our vision for a brighter future that where all can thrive without comprise to the environment or future generations, and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of ethical business practice.


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